Become Brand Buzzworthy

"Fresh, practical ways to grow your business through your brand – an interactive workshop for business owners and executives."

Building a business is more difficult today than ever before. Do the following frustrations sound familiar?

  1.     “Our competitors all offer the same thing as we do!”

  2.     “Competitors are low-balling, so we have to compete on price!”

  3.     “Our employees aren’t the face of our company we need them to be!”

  4.     “I want to spend my time on my passion, not on marketing!”

Many business owners and executives struggle with these same issues!

What if you could…

  1.     Differentiate your offering from your competitors – and stop the price war?

  2.    Become THE NAME in your market based upon your customer interactions?

  3.     Build a culture that inspires your employees to own your brand?

  4.     Build equity in your business through your brand?

Become Brand Buzzworthy

Immerse yourself in a full-day workshop covering the key brand strategies that drive successful brands. Led by Judy Leidy, who has learned through real business experience, this workshop will give you the foundation and tools to create a brand that’s more than a name...a brand that’s an experience for customers and employees.

Format for the day...

This is a hands-on workshop. You’ll experience an interactive environment that will challenge you to think differently than you have before. Come prepared for a little presentation and a lot of group discussion, brainstorming, and exercises. Armed with knowledge, tools, and an expanded network, you’ll leave ready to build a buzzworthy brand.

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